1951 Plymouth Cranbrook Independence Day, 2016 (When America was Great Again)

The best way for me to connect
was to hit the highway roll the road
in a 1951 Plymouth
four year project
assisted by dozens of friends
built in the manner of my ancestors
with the tools of my grandfather
in the spirit of my people

Not quite legal w/ no
inspection license plates speedometer
back up lights windshield wipers
or sideglass
Missing most of the interior
except for seats
big hot hollow can
resonating w/ Cherry Bomb exhaust
sun beating down on a thin metal roof
a hundred degrees by mid morning

While Polly sits beside me in a torn up bucket seat
and her own America
or love or just indulgence maybe
sweat in our eyes and
ears only registering a rumble

Until after too loud too hot who knows how fast
a pint of human fluids lost
photos in the shade of the
Bartholomew Pool parking lot
prove this dream
is on the edge of fulfilled

Yes the engine seems solid
suspension’s okay
but there will always be
things that still need doing

If this journey is going to be made
if the world is going to become
the way it ought to be

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