In the Palm of Your Hand

There’s a planet
There’s a past life and a future
There’s a question mark
if you follow the line of your thumb
up around your index finger
and trail off around the
remaining three digits
The palm of your hand
holds a light bulb
a bright idea of possibilities
Don’t squeeze too tight
it could break and cut
or even burn
The palm of your hand
holds a bird’s nest
blue speckled eggs
ready to hatch
two three four
birds in the hand
Everything you need
is within your grasp.

from Diamond Plate, 2012, Obsolete Press

Michael Collins & the Far Side of the Moon


Like angels in
their lack of free will
hovering above us
purely as agents

Think of Michael Collins
14 orbits around the moon
but never getting closer
than 9 miles to its surface

Command module
for Buzz and Neil
trudging their Seas of Tranquility
and Glory

While alone above their heads
he circled like a film noir taxi
keeping the motor running
for the getaway

But 47 minutes
of each two hour orbit
found him beyond all contact
in truly cosmic solitude

The far side of the moon
with no Earth to look back on
a universe to look out on
all to himself

from Diamond Plate, 2012, Obsolete Press